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A Woman With No Country is a quirky, innovative, storytelling Coffee Table Book that explores historical, cultural and social themes using fashion as a medium. The book is adorned with engaging thought provoking imagery in which the author becomes the subject of concepts. As a multi award-winning handbag designer, Pam Samasuwo-Nyawiri who is originally from Zimbabwe, but now living and working around the world, writes about her life experiences in conversational essays and commentary.

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Pam echoes issues faced by women globally by challenging and highlighting societal ideologies which she states are idiotic. Her journalistic past comes out to play with her new found creative world of fashion design. Pam Samasuwo-Nyawiri inspires through authenticity by beautifully articulating the possibilities and heights human beings can reach through exploration of self.

The book is about a woman of the world, who owns the world.

Pam Samasuwo-Nyawiri presents an interesting way of bringing 'the voices in her head' to life in her self published book 'A Woman With No Country'. The concept was derived after a life changing trip to South America, where she acknowledged that she was indeed a woman of the world, and this idea of belonging to a country no longer appealed to her purpose in life. The concept is not only based on the book, but has started a movement of women living in the global village who are challenging  societal perceptions on what it is to serve others by exploring this notion of sisterhood. The beginning of the book is layered with essays, presented with a humorous but philosophical approach. It further explores visual images of Pam in a way she has never allowed herself to be seen before. The visuals are coupled by commentary that is audibly 'spoken word', highlighting a variety of cultural, social and historical themes  that affect women globally.

Pam Samasuwo Nyawiri, is the founder of inspirational and multi award-winning global accessory brand, Vanhu Vamwe. With a career in journalism, she went back to University to study fashion and over the years since graduating has won and been nominated for over 8 prestigious awards, including the Vogue & Muuse, Best International Accessory Designer, Abury & Harpers Bazaar, Design Experience, The Mulberry Accessory Award and most recently The Independent Handbag Design Awards for The Most Socially Responsible Handbag. As a handbag designer, Pam is committed to the social fabric of ethical fashion and operates under a no borders clause. She duplicates the practices used in her handbag design by keeping in line with her core values where quality over quantity comes to play.  With the rise of overconsumption of products globally, Pam highlights that as she exclusively makes only 50 handbags a year, the same concept follows with her book.  A Limited Edition,  A Woman With No Country will only ever have 150 numbered copies, each one signed by the author.  Pam continues to encourage responsible buying of products made with integrity.

Source: Lionesses Of Africa