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Learn some interesting information about Uganda while enjoying a range of fun facts and trivia.

. Uganda is one of the Youngest Nation in World – over half of the population are children.

. The small country of Uganda is Africa’s Banana Republic – it grows more Bananas than any other nation – except India and China – over 50 varieties Matooke-a plantain banana is the chief staple in the much of the country.

. Uganda has the best pineapple you have ever eaten. Yet little of it is consumed in the West.

. Uganda is the Tropical Fruit Basket of Africa.

. Lake Bunyonyi is home to the Louisiana Crayfish that was imported and thrives here – creating new menus at Tourist Restaurants.

. Uganda is 26% lakes and rivers

. Uganda is home to over half of all Mountain Gorillas in the world 480 of them out of 880.

. Uganda is one of the safest, secure and most stable countries to visit in Africa.

Source: Kabiza