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Biffy van Rooyen is a freelance strategic communication specialist, with expertise in communication planning, (including events), brand development, social media, and writing and editing for various media. She is based in Pretoria.

As part of the CSIR’s communication team, she too on different communication roles in the multidisciplinary research and development organisation, with its country-wide footprint and extensive network of partners and collaborators locally and abroad. She concluded her 17-year career at the CSIR’s newly established Implementation Unit.


Prior to her career as a communication specialist, Biffy worked as a librarian and an indexer for the CSIR, an English-language tutor for BMW, an external marker for UNISA’s English department, and a freelance editor.

Biffy has a Master’s degree in English (South African Poetry) and a Higher Diploma in Library Science. She has one publication, Linking the “Internet of Things” to social media: a look at the Vaal Dam , written with former CSIR research, Dr Laurie Butgereit.