About Us

Country Reports

Win Win Solutions 4 Africa country reports serve the purpose of “Facilitating Business in Africa”, by enlightening the reader with a holistic view of the country profile. The reports take an informative view on the key facets of the country which can be considered determents for potential business investors and possible tourists. The reports also capture the essence of the country’s workings such that governments, avid readers, researchers, universities and corporations can have an informed view of the respective countries.


·         Analysis of expansion into African Markets

·         Development of African Strategy

·         Keep abreast of Key Developments

·         Identification of the key interest sectors or geographical areas

·         Opportunity or Risk Assessment into new markets


·         Informing out of country staff on key development’s

·         Assessments of new or developing country relations

Researchers & Universities

·         Analysis of country over view for further document development

·         Development of comparative studies

·         Accurate information feeds to think tanks or key decision makers

·         Data to develop analysis for discussion or model papers

Accurate Information Delivery

Win Win Solutions 4 Africa prides itself in attention to detail and extensive work and business experience in the African Continent. The Management Consulting wing of the company has consistently and effectively delivered accurate information feeds to their clients and relevant stakeholders.