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WEConnect International in SA


(July 13, 2016) Tania Reid is the Founder and CEO of ithemba, the 2016 EY Pitch Competition winner, and a member of the WEConnect International in South Africa network. This week, Daudi Mugabi interviewed her for a Business Mic podcast episode and asked her to share her experiences as an entrepreneur, as well as some business tips.

In the second half of the podcast, Tania provided concrete steps on how to step out of comfort zones, make the most our of business networks like WEConnect International, and craft a good pitch. Namely, she suggested business owners first consider what solution their enterprise provides potential customers and make that solution heard in the first sentence. Tania also stressed that every good pitch includes contact information. She always makes sure to mention her website: www.go2ithemba.co.za.

Throughout the course of the 25 minute discussion, Tania offered additional advice for current and upcoming business owners. Here are some highlights:

  • On thinking about starting a business: "Don't wait for everything to be in place. It's never going to be perfect."
  • On starting a business: "If you have a business idea, verify your assumptions first."
  • On competition: "Know what your competitors are doing; don't be mesmerized by them."

Listen to the podcast.

Intel South Africa hosts Women Business Owners at Eduweek, Johannesburg

(1 July 2016 - Johannesburg) On 30th June 2016, Intel Corporation in Johannesburg hosted Women Business Owners registered with WEConnect International in South Africa during EduWeek 2016. The event took place at the Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand, South Africa; where Intel returned for the third consecutive year as Headline Sponsor of the EduWeek conference.

The event was organised by WEConnect International in South Africa following an invitation from Intel. EduWeek took place during 29-30 June 2016 and convened global education suppliers, private sector, local and international expert speakers, government and non-profit organisations.

The WEConnect International and Intel Corporation Connect Session was comprised of an introduction to and update on membership, events, corporate opportunities and networking. Intel discussed current and future opportunities for women-owned businesses and provided Financial Management Basic Principles Training as well as advice on how Intel procurement works.

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Connecting Women Business Owners to Global Opportunities

WEConnect highlights the importance of having women business owners and the benefit it gives not only to the organisation but to communities and the world.

WEConnect International works at the dynamic intersection of women and business, helping women business owners like "Karla" connect with multinational corporations. Watch her story.

WEConnect International in SA on Radio Today's Jozi Today (Podcast)

Gillian Godsell speaks to Win Win Solutions for Africa's Jean Chawapiwa, Linda Basson and Tania Reid  about WEConnect International in South Africa, what it is and the benefits they are providing women owned businesses. Listen below:



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