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1. Strengthen participation in female entrepreneur associations

There is a lack of awareness in respect of female entrepreneur associations, and very little interaction between existing associations and such associations’ potential members. Existing associations need to concentrate on promoting themselves and the services that they can offer to members. Associations need to be coordinated so that they can form a network, thereby facilitating the sharing of information, services, training, and resources, which would lead ultimately to the strengthening of such associations.

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Stronger associations will be more effective at bringing about change at a regional and national level. Properly organised and coordinated associations will be more effective in raising their members’ voices and carrying out advocacy. Effective capacity building of members will allow female entrepreneurs to engage fully in the association, so that they build an association which truly caters for their needs.

2. Increase access to legal advice and education

The survey has revealed that the vast majority of respondents do not have access to legal advice when they need it. Although there is free legal advice available in Dar es Salaam and, to a lesser degree, other parts of Tanzania, none of the organisations focus on the legal aspects of business. Female entrepreneurs are often prevented from developing their businesses due to lack of business law knowledge. This means that many businesses are not formalised and remain extralegal, making compliance with employment and labour standards impossible. Female entrepreneurs with informal businesses are more vulnerable as they face additional difficulties which prevent them from entering into valid contracts and accessing credit.

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