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This is the success story of a young man who, upon getting married, sat down with his wife and made a list of fifty things they needed to achieve. That precise, forensic and focused approach came from his father. Let me formally introduce you to Ludwick Marishane, the founder of Headboy Industries and South Africa’s youngest patent-filer after having invented DryBath at the age of seventeen. The product is the world’s first bath substitute that uses a skin gel.

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The sales statistics are nothing short of phenomenal. Close on 90% of the product is sold online to the export market and more than half goes to the USA. In 2011, he was rated as the best student entrepreneur in the world and in the same year Google named him one of the ‘12 Brightest Young Minds in the World’. And there’s more. In December 2013 TIME magazine named him one of the thirty people under thirty who are changing the world. He was one of only two Africans on the list.

At the heart of his being is the pursuit of a sustainable society. A sustainable society, he says, is a successful one and that segues elegantly into our discussion. Like most young people in their formative years, success originally was defined by money. But the more successful he’s become, the more his definition has matured. “Success is actually being able to do what you want to, and what you find joy in doing, without the burden of providing food for your family.”

Source: How we made it in Africa