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33-year-old Nigerian entrepreneur, Temitope Ogunsemo is the founder of Krystal Digital, an educational technology company that develops and deploys customised and service oriented software applications as well as IT training for educational institutions in Nigeria. With annual revenue of more than US$3m and over 150 employees, Krystal Digital’s goal is to drive growth in the education sector by building a leading sub-Saharan IT company. Mfonobong Nsehe recently had the opportunity to speak with Ogunsemo in Lagos on Krystal Digital’s ambitions and future plans.

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Tell us about Krystal Digital’s origin and the vision behind its operations?

The idea to establish Krystal Digital in 2010 spawned from a difficult experience I had when I attempted to secure my academic transcript. It was then I saw the potential to develop a school information management system that would not only improve the storage and retrieval of academic records but would also position these schools to harness the benefits of digitisation.

Krystal Digital is well-known for its flagship service, MySkool Portal, what are the various services provided by your company and who are its clients?

Our products and services currently span across 48% of the federal government colleges in Nigeria. The MySkool Portal platform runs in 50 federal government colleges across the country and has more than 65,000 active student users. We also have projects catering to the academic and technological needs of Nigerian students.

Our business model is structured to support the needs of our clients and how they would rather be served. This basically has three inputs: our people, our operations and innovation. We rely on the ability of our people to innovate and collaborate with each other and our customers to develop value-adding solutions. We are also committed to conducting our business transparently and ethically by managing our business process towards ensuring a positive impact on the society.

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