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Can business change the world? Can the world change business? These are questions asked by author Kerryn Krige and her co-author Gus Silber in the new book The Disruptors: Social entrepreneurs reinventing business and society.

For a new breed of social entrepreneurs, striving to build and grow enterprises that fight social ills, foster opportunity, and help to improve society, the answer is not can, it’s must. Impassioned by purpose, driven by dreams, emboldened by ideals, social entrepreneurs imagine a better way to a better world. And then they go out of their way to bring it to life. In the process, they shake the dust off old ways of thinking and disrupt the way business has always been done. In this book, brought to you by GIBS, a leading business school based in Johannesburg, South Africa, you’ll get to meet The Disruptors. Through these tales of daring, struggle, triumph and innovation, you’ll see the world through the eyes of a diverse range of social entrepreneurs, and learn their secrets for changing the world by changing business. From healthcare to mobile gaming, from education to recycling, from dancing to gardening, these are the game-changers, the difference-makers, the doers of good. Here are their stories.

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About the Author

Kerryn Krige is an expert in sustainable social change and the connections between business, government and civil society. She has worked in the social sector since 2001 heading up projects for numerous UK charities, before moving into international development managing the Africa-based programmes for social enterprise Digital Links International. She began her career as a journalist before moving to the UK where she set up Europe’s first radio station for blind people together with BBC Scotland and the Royal National Institute of the Blind. She has led communications and donor-development for leading non-profits, and heads up the social enterprise portfolio at the Gordon Institute of Business Science. She is co-author of the book Disruptors – social entrepreneurs leading change in South Africa, is guest editor of a special collection of teaching cases in Social Entrepreneurship in Africa for publishing house Emerald.

Source: Lionesses Of Africa


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