Have you ever felt a subtle nudge that there's more for you in life? Maybe a message that you want to share or a passion project you want to create? Is there a bigger purpose for you to fulfill? A lot of women feel these subtle love taps from our souls, but it takes a special kind of woman to follow her nudge. In her new book, Powerhouse Woman, author Lindsey Schwartz shows you how to get out of your own way, fulfill your unique purpose, and live a powerful life.

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Whether you’re already crystal clear about your purpose, or you’ve simply felt a subtle nudge that you are meant for more, this interactive book will show you how to leverage the power that’s already within you to make your mark on the world. You’ll learn how to always have access to confidence and then how to successfully tap into it for greater success.

You will also learn how to stop comparing yourself to others, understanding that it kills off all your creativity, and then what to do about it. Author Lindsey Schwartz shows you how to step out of your comfort zone to allow you to fly, and how to powerfully leverage language as a tool to manifest results quickly. She demonstrates that by mastering these simple concepts it gives you the ability to create results in any area of life that’s important to you.

About the Author

Lindsey Schwartz is an Arizona-based, Wisconsin-born entrepreneur and big dreamer. At age 26, Lindsey started her first business part-time and over the next several years became an accomplished fitness athlete, full-time entrepreneur, speaker, and author. She's passionate about building community and believes women are most successful when they collaborate and sincerely root for one another to win.

Author quotes

I’ve always been drawn to and inspired by strong women who unapologetically pursue their unique purpose and who are on fire to create change in the world.
Your individual expression of a powerhouse woman will be completely unique. No-one else in the world will make an impact quite like you. 
How many world problems could we solve together as women if we stepped into our full potential and unleashed our inner power? How many lives could we impact? And what kind of example could we set for the next generation of women who are watching our every move?

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