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So, you’ve decided to become an entrepreneur? Congrats and welcome to the tribe. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a few years into your startup, author and entrepreneur Hilary Johnson has just the book for you.

The journey of a budding entrepreneur is fraught with challenges, whether you’re learning how to run the business or developing a mindset that weathers the inevitable ups and downs. Hilary understands the challenges women entrepreneurs face because she has experienced them firsthand through launching, growing, and selling multiple businesses. Despite those challenges, however, Hilary insists becoming an entrepreneur was the best decision she’s ever made for her life. Through a series of vignettes, Hilary delivers no-nonsense advice that any female entrepreneur can apply in her own life. Each engaging bit offers a lesson about navigating the startup phase with your mind, body, and soul intact. Hilary helps you add practical skills to your toolbox while delivering a giant dose of encouragement and inspiration. Running a business might not be the easiest journey, but it’s a lot of fun when you develop strong work habits and make sure to take care of your entire self.

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About the Author

Hilary Johnson spent years climbing the corporate ladder before realizing she had created a life she didn’t love. After finally deciding she’d had enough and pulling together a solid business plan, she took that giant leap of faith that every entrepreneur faces. She chose to follow her dreams and become her own boss, creating a life she loved on her own terms. Hilary is now a successful entrepreneur who has launched, grown, and sold multiple businesses. As a self-proclaimed “entrepreneur enthusiast,” she wants to share her experience and advice with other women who are taking their own leap into business ownership. Her style is real talk with a giant dose of encouragement. Hilary is the founder of Hatch Tribe, an organization devoted to cultivating and connecting women entrepreneurs across the globe. She brings her passion for entrepreneurship to women around the world through mentoring, coaching, and live events.

Author Quotes

Every great business starts with an inkling of an idea and a dream. Until that one magical moment, when after a lot of hard work, the idea is hatched and an entrepreneur is born.
Running your own business is a wild experience, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun with some kickass women by your side.
Becoming an entrepreneur is no joke! It’s a challenging endeavor that will test every ounce of your being.

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