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A great destination for those who want to get a taste of Africa, but aren’t ready for the dangers and extremes that the safari can bring, Malawi has a number of wildlife preserves and a vast population of African wild fauna species. Within the last few years, a program to reintroduce lion populations has been started, so that you can get a full picture of the African safari. However, the safari isn’t the only great thing about Malawi, but also Lake Malawi, which is one of the largest lakes in Africa.

1. The Shire River flows through the Shire Highlands of south Malawi. It drops 400m from Lake Malawi to the border with Mozambique, Malawi’s lowest point. The river passes many falls and the rapids on its short path. The Shire River is part of the Great Rift Valley.

2. Likoma Island in Lake Malawi is a smallish island located toward the eastern side of Lake Malawi. Its most notable feature is its cathedral, which was built in 1903.

3. Tobacco and tea are the chief exports of Malawi. Malawi also has the highest production of burley leaf tobacco, a low grade, high nicotine tobacco.

4. Malawi is landlocked and is bordered by Tanzania to the northeast, Mozambique on the east, south and west, and Zambia to the northwest.

5. Zomba is not just a tourist destination, but people have been told that some endangered species of birds are seen there. Those are the white-winged apalis. There are fewer than 100 breeding pairs of the white-winged apalis left in the wild. On the outskirts of Zomba, amidst the Jacaranda trees, you can see a pair of these beautiful birds.

6. The beautiful old stone building in Blantyre built in 1891 is St. Michael and All Angels Church. It was designed by the Rev. David Scott who had no architectural background whatsoever. It was built by local labor that had very little experience in construction. Considering this, it is an absolutely magnificent building.

7. Liwonde National Parkis Malawi’s premier national park with lodges on the Shire River providing a lovely backdrop to a huge variety of birds, hippos, elephants and many more species of wildlife.

8. Mulanje Mountain – One of Africa’s top trekking destinations, Mulanje Mountain offers wonderful hiking opportunities to reach its 3,000m summit, and other craggy peaks, with many trails in pristine landscapes with waterfalls and streams.

Source: Facts King