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Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator, African Story Teller, Futurist, Scenario Strategist  

Koffi is a senior lecturer at the Wits School of Governance, where he teaches strategic government communications and scenario planning. He is the former director of the Unilever Mandela Rhodes Academy for Communications and Marketing (UMRA), a Storyteller, Social Commentator, Business Strategist, Author and Futurist.    

He specialises in information communications technologies for development and telecommunications adapted to environmental issues in Africa. 

He has been a regular contributor to international, local media and business magazines on the BBC, VOA, Deutsche Welle, The People Daily, eNCA, Africa 360 degrees, SAFM, 702 Radio, Power FM, China, Brainstorm, The Media, CIO.COM and Intelligence in South Africa. 

He co-authored a book titled AfricaDotEdu: IT Opportunities and Higher Education in Africa, 2003. 

He is fluent in French and English. 

Work experience   

Wits School of Governance; Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ); Unilever Mandela Rhodes Academy for Communications and Marketing (UMRA); World Bank; Convergence Journal; CSIR Virtual Reality Solutions; Oxford Scenarios Programme; Global Business Network ‘Doing and using Scenarios’ (DUS); Salzburg Seminar Alumnus; United Nations Development Programme (UNDP); NEPAD.