The leading oil marketing company in the country, GOIL has held its annual national sales conference in Accra. The 3 day conference is aimed at formulating marketing strategies to achieve GOIL's 2017 corporate goals through the use of marketing. The sales conference will also afford GOIL the opportunity to review its performance for the year 2016 and chart a course for the year 2017. The Head of Fuels Marketing for GOIL, Markus DeoDake said total sales volume increased from 687million litres in 2015 to 746million litres in 2016. This, he said represents an 8% growth in total sales volume. He said the number of service stations also increased from 250 in 2015 to 290 by the end of 2016. Markus DeoDake said GOIL is well positioned to consolidate its gains in the oil marketing sector in the year 2017.

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"We are now in a very competitive environment. The company is a marketing oriented organization, our basic function as a company is to sell petroleum products. So marketing is very crucial if we want to face the competition ahead of us. The competition is basically as a result of the price deregulation, we have seen different strategies being used by competitors to outwit the market. So as a company we also have to meet as a marketing squad, strong team of course and face the competition head on," he said. The conference brought together marketing and sales representatives, zonal managers of GOIL and some heads of departments of the company.

Source: All Africa