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Media Training

*Lead Trainer - Koffi Kouakou

Media training is essential for everyone who speaks to journalists because so much is at stake. When you get it right, and the people who matter to the business will get the right message, loud and clear. If you don’t get it right, and you might stir up a crisis. The greatest media spokespeople appear natural, relaxed, authoritative, likeable, engaged, controlled and spontaneous. They make their case convincingly and memorably, whether promoting everyday news messages, answering difficult questions, or managing a full-on crisis.


  • Strategic Communication
  • Tough challenges
  • Strong spokespeople
  • Value of PR investment
  • Interview opportunities
  • Media crisis arises
  • Responding to specific crises as they occur
  • Challenging media interviews
  • Investment in preparation for handling issues


  • Communicate powerful and memorable messages
  • Take control of your image in the media
  • Angle your good news for maximum impact
  • Crisis response: limit the damage of bad news
  • Understand and control interview dynamics
  • Hear directly from journalists about their motivations and news values
  • Don't follow the journalist: set your own agenda and drive the news
  • Handle difficult questions and turn them to your advantage
  • Recognise and avoid common mistakes, tricks and pitfalls
  • Prepare for all kinds of media encounter for TV, radio and print

Category:                    Communication

Location:                    Sandton, Johannesburg

Duration:                    2 Days

Cost:                           R9 500