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Branding in Africa

*Lead Trainer - Nonye Mpho Omotola

The course builds upon the concepts learned in the prior courses, and focuses on what makes an effective brand. Candidates will be exposed to many of the best-known brands in Africa and their impact on our world. Concepts of branding in Africa and how to use it effectively in the corporate market are explored. Provide a broader understanding of the meanings of brand in alternative ways. Provide the appropriate concepts, theories and techniques related to the important  issues in brand management operations in Africa. Enhance candidates’ ability to apply creative and critical strategies and tactics involved in developing, positioning, leveraging, managing a brand, and measuring its value.


  • Understanding the Africa branding
  • Great Branding Campaigns in Africa
  • The Branding Process in Africa
  • Africa Branding Project
  • African case studies


  • Assess different viewpoints on brand and think cogently and critically about these viewpoints
  • Analyse specific problems and challenges in brand management, and to devise sound and practical solutions to these problems
  • Undertake a brand audit and to use the information for brand planning
  • Use resources (e.g, marketing research, research studies, expert advice, etc.) in an informed and skillful way as part of the process of developing ideas, plans and solutions
  • Effectively communicate branding knowledge in oral and written contexts

Category:                 Communication

Location:                 Sandton, Johannesburg

Duration:                 2 Days

Cost:                        R9 500