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South Africa

SAB hosts brunch to promote black women empowerment programme


SAB hosted a business brunch to promote Lerumo, its black women-focused development programme. Developing small businesses to help them become sustainable and create jobs and value in the South African economic and social landscape, is the purpose behind SAB Lerumo, the breweries’ entrepreneur and supplier development programme. SAB Lerumo targets black women-owned companies that are struggling to break through the barriers and improve their market access capabilities. The programme intends to impart core skills to the women to enable them to improve their market access and to better manoeuvre a large corporate with a complex procurement structure.

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South African Eating-Out App Raises $175K In Funding From Silicon Valley

By Staff

Feastfox, an eating out App from Cape Town, South Africa, has revealed that it has successfully closed its Angel fundraising round, raising $175,000 (R2.3 million) primarily from Silicon Valley-based Angels and VC firms. The mobile startup, which originates out of Stanford University, has a presence in Silicon Valley, Cape Town and Budapest. Feastfox approaches dining experiences from a new perspective, focusing on spontaneous eating out with its “book now, eat now” concept. The venture’s co-founder, Cape Town local, Stuart Murless explains “by raising Angel funding from exceptional, California-based venture capital firms and Angel investors, we proved that it is possible to get early-stage, Silicon Valley financing for a mobile startup in South Africa.”

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Stirring up e-commerce in South Africa


One of South Africa’s top e-commerce companies and most-loved brands continues to set the standard for online businesses as recognised by uAfrica’s eCommerce Awards. Investec’s blog recently featured an interview with Andrew Smith, co-founder and CEO of Yuppiechef, where he shares his views on how to forge ahead and be remarkable when it comes to delivering online.

What is your take on the South African e-commerce landscape?

E-commerce in South Africa is growing fast and certainly getting a lot more attention than it did a few years ago but it is still a tiny fraction of all retail – around 1% of South Africa’s R500bn (US$38bn) total. For the last two decades, e-commerce was mostly about the pure-play pioneers such as Kalahari and Netflorist, and more recently Takealot, Zando and ourselves. The exciting movement now is by the traditional retailers like Woolworths who are starting to invest properly in their omni-channel offerings.

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Tumi Moitse, a South African floral designer with a passion for creating luxury gifting experiences for her clients

Who doesn’t like receiving flowers? They cheer us, they brighten our days, they remind us fondly of the people who are giving them as gifts to us. For entrepreneur Tumi Moitse, her love of flowers started at an early age. Today she is taking that passion and creating a luxury floral design and gifting business, BlakSaffron Boutique, that helps her clients to express their feelings through the floral experiences she creates.

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