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South Africa

SA antenna tech company is changing the game globally


Poynting – a South African high-tech company is rapidly expanding across the globe, thanks to a combination of patented technology and a reputation for high-quality manufacturing. In the past, Poynting Antennas have been used across Europe in the services industry, and have even seen its use in sports. In 2016, Poynting announced that its rapid growth in Europe has culminated in a strategic partnership with the German Olympic sailing team. The team had used Poynting’s cutting-edge OMNI 291 marine and coastal antenna for its land-to-vessel communications during the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Brazil later that year. “Our partnership with the German Olympic team was a welcome confirmation of our market acceptance in the highly competitive European market,” says Michael Howard, CEO of Poynting Antennas.

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Manufacturing investment growth slows but third-quarter pick-up expected


Despite weakening production in the manufacturing sector, manufacturing companies continue to invest in plant and equipment, research and development, and human capital, according to the Manufacturing Circle. However, investment growth slowed, the industry group’s investment tracker index for the second quarter showed on Wednesday. It dropped five points to 58, from 63 in the first quarter. A level above 50 indicates an expansion in enterprise investment, while a level below indicates a contraction. Fifty enterprises, with average annual revenue of R2.1bn, participated in the survey.

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How much it costs to open a top fast food franchise in South Africa


Despite the economic downturn, franchising in South Africa has remained resilient and has typically shown positive growth rates, according to Sybrand Bezuidenhout, business development manager for franchise services at the Barclays Africa Group. Bezuidenhout notes that this is particularly true for the franchising services category, which comprises 27% of the total franchising industry and has a combined turnover on excess of R133 billion per annum. “Historically, the franchising services sector has shown healthy growth despite challenging economic times,” she said. “All indications are that it will continue to grow and positively contribute to the economy – especially if franchisees focus on providing quality products and top-class customer service.” Some of the most popular franchise service options in South Africa continue to be fast food restaurants.

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Co-founder of ReWare Nothando Moleketi


Good entrepreneurship is all about finding the right gap. And Nothando Moleketi seems to have done just that. The co-founder of ReWare which refurbishes and sells pre-owned cellphones has entrenched herself in an area of the industry that is still growing exponentially. Moleketi started her company purely as a cellphone buy-back business called Zwipit in 2014. She and co-founder Felix Martin-Aguilar, who is ReWare’s CEO, identified a gap in the handset market fuelled by the demand for affordable, high-quality smartphones from a trusted source. Six months into their venture, they were inundated with queries from consumers who wanted to buy used phones. This feedback, along with the prolific trading of smartphones on local online classified websites and what they saw as the maturing of the used-phone market internationally gave them a clear signal that the market was ready, says Moleketi. The pair created ReWare to sell the phones.

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