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South Africa

HSBC’s David Faulkner named SA’s top economist

HSBC’s David Faulkner was named SA’s Economist of the Year at the Thomson Reuters Africa summit in Cape Town on Thursday for the most accurate forecasts of 2016 economic data. Individual and teams of economists from SA and abroad were ranked according to the accuracy of their forecasts and frequency of participation in the monthly Reuters Econometer, a long-term economic survey for SA. The survey, which looks two years ahead, covers key indicators including GDP growth, consumer and producer inflation, the current account and the repo rate.

About 35 economists from banks, funds, think-tanks and other organisations took part in the competition, now in its 17th year. Previous SA Economist of the Year winners include Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation’s Luke Doig (2015); four-time winner, the Bureau for Economic Research (BER) (2014); Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) (2013); Dennis Dykes of Nedbank (2012); and Dave Mohr of Citadel (2010).

Here are the top 10 ranking of economists:

1. HSBC, David Faulkner

2. Meganomics, Colen Garrow

3. Credit Guarantee, Luke Doig

4. KADD Capital, Elize Kruger

5. NKC African Economics, Christie Viljoen (now at KPMG)

6. Capital Economics, John Ashbourne

7. IDC, Nico Kelder

8. BER, Hugo Pienaar

9. BNP Paribas, Jeffrey Schultz

10. Barclays Africa, Peter Worthington

Source: BD Live

Tribunal expected to confirm Aveng deal

The Competition Tribunal is on Thursday due to confirm an immunity agreement JSE-listed construction group Aveng struck with the Competition Commission, but first wants more information before making a ruling. This will most likely see the firm avoid paying a multimillion-rand administrative penalty. Crucially, Aveng needs the tribunal’s decision to obtain protection against possible civil litigation from state-owned entities for which it has done work.

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Inspirational African Women: Claire Winstanley

Tell me about your channel.

Good Looking and Cooking is about getting people excited about cooking and enjoying the journey of getting to that delicious dish. I want people to cook simply for the pleasure of it. Cooking must be fun first, delicious second - and having really, really ridiculously good-looking food doesn't hurt.

How have you managed to make this a viable business?

It's a work in progress. Slowly, viewers are realising YouTube is about more than just funny cat videos and is a thriving video platform where brands and creators share, innovate and produce real content for their audiences.

I don't think when you start a new venture you fully understand the scope of what is in store but, as you slowly start to understand the business, opportunities open up in areas you would never have anticipated. Joining the world of digital video content creation was new and uncharted territory.

Turning a YouTube channel into a viable business is about knowing your target audience and then growing it, being confident in your approach and attracting like-minded brands to collaborate in an authentic space.

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Inspirational African Women: Suhana Gordhan

After leaving Durban for Johannesburg to study and then take up a stint at a large advertising agency, new Loerie Awards chair Suhana Gordhan almost left what she found to be a "harsh, cruel industry" for good. Fifteen years later, Gordhan has a position of influence that she intends using to help correct some of the persistent failings of the local advertising industry, most notably a lack of gender and racial transformation. "It wasn’t what I thought it would be. It was male-dominated and not a very nurturing environment to someone straight out of college. I went back to Durban to do some dancing with my old company, and went to live in Australia for a year. I came back to SA ready to give it another go," Gordhan says.

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