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South Africa

Kulani Mtileni on creating sustainable jobs for domestic workers


In June 2016, Kulani Mtileni founded Polokwane Cleaning Ladies with the aim of helping domestic workers find permanent employment and improving their financial situation Mtileni always knew he was destined for entrepreneurship. He started out by selling sweets to his classmates while he was in high school. In 2011, he qualified as a registered dietician and opened his own practice, Kulani Dietetic Practice, in Polokwane. After noticing the increasing levels of unemployment and poverty in his community, he was inspired to do more. At the age of 27, he launched Polokwane Cleaning Ladies. “I was exposed to many young women who were struggling to find work and unable to make ends meet,” he explains. “My concern for them motivated me to do something that could help improve their situation.”

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SA startup taking local and international museums by storm


Michael Wolf had reason to be proud when a museum in Miami, Florida, opened its doors to the public in May. Three of the flagship hi-tech exhibits in the US$305m Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science were designed and created by Wolf’s firm, Formula D interactive, in its Cape Town home base. “Working for a museum that had a big vision was an opportunity for our team to truly push the boundaries of what our technology could do to provide a fun and memorable learning experience,” says Wolf. “I am critical of our work and amazed with what we have achieved.” An important theme at the museum is the Miami region’s natural environment. It is something Formula D played a key role in bringing to life through virtual reality.

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ENTREPRENEUR: WeThinkCode_’s Arlene Mulder


WeThinkCode_ is unlike any educational institute you’ve heard of: it has no classes, no teachers and no tuition. Its students learn how to solve problems using coding as the tool. And it is open to anyone between 17 and 35 years old, even if they don’t have a matric. Prospective students undergo an aptitude test and a month-long boot camp before they are selected for the tuition-free two-year course in programming and coding. WeThinkCode_ was created by Arlene Mulder and Camille Agon, but is based on a tried and tested educational model from Paris called Ecole 42.

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Investing in the future of millions of South Africans

Investment manager Sandiswa Ziphethe-Makola reveals how she learnt to forgive herself for mistakes she's made.

What is an investments transactor?

Someone who is responsible for finding, implementing and managing investments. We are also called dealmakers or investment managers. This includes being a board member in companies in which the Mineworkers Investment Company is an investor.

What do you do each day at work?

I do many things, including identifying, researching and evaluating investment opportunities that comply with the MIC's investment objectives; performing due diligence assessments on target companies in a range of areas, including financial, legal, commercial and tax; and playing an oversight role in some investments.

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Kulani Mtileni on creating sustainable jobs for domestic workers

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