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Judith Msonthi, a Malawian entrepreneur leveraging her talents as an MC and presenter to create a business

Every successful event needs a great Master of Ceremonies to keep things moving according to schedule and importantly to keep audiences engaged. In Malawi, one of the most popular MCs currently is Judith Msonthi, founder of Judie Emcee, bringing her unique style and personality to enliven any event.

What does your company do?

My company is a startup that offers Presenter/ Host and Master of Ceremonies services for corporate, social and festival events.

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Lilly Alfonso, the startup story of a Malawian fashionpreneur building a unique fashion brand that is taking the continent by storm

Building a fashion brand with a unique personality, great style appeal, and a social conscience can be a tall order for many. But for the talented designer and entrepreneur, Lilly Alfonso, a leading light on the Malawian fashion and business scene, this is the nature of the business and brand she is building.

What does your company do?

Lilly Alfonso is a fashion and design company. We design and manufacture clothing. The Lilly Alfonso business and brand has two sub-labels, LAwomann and LAmann, specializing in women’s and men’s garments respectively. 

What inspired you to start your company?

It started out as a hobby, making clothes for friends here and there, then the number of people asking for my services grew. Eventually I had to open a tailoring shop to accommodate the growing numbers of customers. At that time I only had one tailor but as the demand for my services grew I found myself employing more tailors and buying new machines. This organic growth took place over a number of years. Yet interestingly, all that while I didn’t consider myself a designer. The Lilly Alfonso brand itself was born after winning an award as best designer - that was a game-changing moment, and that’s when I actually considered myself a designer. Since that time, I have never looked back, and today Lilly Alfonso has become a limited company with shares.

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Jetto Myaba, an inspirational Malawian entrepreneur with ambitions to keep growing her business to become a market leader

For many women entrepreneurs, thinking big can be daunting in business, but for Malawian entrepreneur, Jetto Myaba, Managing Director of Mwaya Enterprises, having a big vision is all part of the journey.

What does your company do?

We are into three business lines - firstly, we are a distributor of Southern Bottlers Limited and Chibuku products; secondly, we supply imported electronics and groceries to Indian traders and big supermarkets; and thirdly, we buy and sell agricultural produce.

What inspired you to start your company?

I was brought up in a business oriented family and my parents have been committed business people who have been running maize mills, trucks and a farm. This inspired me to venture into my own business, but with a different focus.

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Michelle Pires Mbilizi, a Malawian serial entrepreneur creating customer retail and service experiences to remember

There are some women entrepreneurs who don’t just think of building one business, but have the vision and imagination to create several, and Malawian entrepreneur Michelle Mbilizi is one of those.

What does your company do?

My company, Absolute Furniture, deals in top-class furniture and interior finishings including jacuzzis, saunas, porcelain tiles, and we also do interior decor. Marcus Hill is a specialist fashion boutique where we deal in high-end designer wear. Eastenders Car Hire is an executive car hire company dealing mainly in executive vehicles and 4x4s. Marcus Properties builds houses and rents them out. Our new baby in this business venture being the Executive Lodge we are building in the low density location of Area 12. Marcus Farms is a new business venture started last year with farms located in Salima and Lilongwe. SJR catering is a catering business where we offer specialist catering services to companies. Marcus Resorts is a new project which we plan to venture into this year after acquiring a beach plot in Salima by the lake shore.

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