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Hotel real estate assets are catching the eye of African pension funds

African pension funds are beginning to show more interest in investing in hotel real estate, according to Andrew McLachlan, senior vice president of business development for Africa and the Indian Ocean at Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. McLachlan says the hotel operator – which owns the brands Radisson Blu and Park Inn and has a presence in 29 countries on the continent has been talking with pension funds in a handful of African markets that are looking at acquiring hotel properties. These schemes are more interested in purchasing existing hotels that are already up and running, rather than constructing their own from scratch.

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Always Keep Your Mind Open And Ready To Learn

The GE Reports Africa blog has launched a new series known as “A Day in the Life Of” which profiles GE SSA’s unsung heroes, highlighting their contribution at GE. There’s nothing like a hike in a forest where the mobile network coverage is low and you’re forced to switch off from your emails and social media. Catherine Mutonyi, the Commercial Operational Leader for SSA based in the Transportation division of GE Kenya has discovered that hiking and being in nature is the best way to destress. “My husband and I love  hiking, so we’re usually outside during the weekend, just enjoying nature. It’s a true pleasure. Sometimes, we’ll just go to the park and do a nice long walk with our two dogs. At other times, we get out of town and this forces us to wind down even more because the signal strength might not be that great where we’re hiking,” said Catherine.

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Why this Kenyan logistics firm resumed business in South Sudan

A Kenyan logistics firm, Siginon Group with services that include freight transportation, warehousing, port solutions and air cargo – has decided to resume its operations in South Sudan, Africa’s youngest country. The company suspended operations in the market earlier this year due to fears for their driver and cargo safety. “It became a bit [too] dangerous [for] the driver as well as the cargo we are carrying… due to frequent attacks which we had seen with other transporters. So it was a move to just safeguard against other similar attacks,” Jack Mwaura, Siginon’s group commercial manager, told How we made it in Africa.

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How Becky Ndegwa stumbled upon her successful traditional blanket business

Becky Ndegwa stumbled upon what would become her business, Indigo6, during a cold and rainy afternoon at her home in Athi River, on the outskirts of Kenya’s capital Nairobi. While trying to shield herself from the cold, Ndegwa found that the Maasai shuka (a traditional garment worn by the Maasai tribe in Kenya) wasn’t warm enough. So she complemented it with a normal fleece blanket. “When I put them together it kept falling off… so I thought, ‘How about I join these two, then it becomes one?’” she explains. Ndegwa then asked her mother-in-law to stitch together the Maasai shuka and the fleece blanket. She was thrilled with the outcome, and made a another blanket, embroided a personal message and gave it to her husband for Father’s Day.

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