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Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta State of Nation Address 2016

31 March 2016

Dear Kenyans,

Today, I join you in this honourable House to reflect on the state of our great nation. This occasion is not just important; it lies at the heart of our democracy and It is in the spirit of accountability and democracy that I have over the last two years addressed the nation to explain what my administration has achieved in fulfilment of the constitutional requirements laid out in Articles 10, 132 and 240.

Fellow Kenyans,

I want to affirm that our nation is strong: That the Nationalist Covenant, negotiated by our Founding Fathers at independence is alive and well. We have re-imagined it, enhanced it and expanded it. The spirit of the Lancaster covenant that bound us together as a nation in the 1960s is still with us. And although we experienced turbulence in the 2007 Post-Election Violence; we re-affirmed our commitment to the Nationalist Covenant in August 2010 when we proclaimed a new constitution. I am humbled to pioneer the establishment of the Second Republic, as envisioned by our Second Constitution.

To establish the First Republic, our Founding Fathers sacrificed their years of youth; defended the ideals of the Nationalist Covenant with their very lives; and stayed the course until we were free. Every one of us owes a sacred duty to them and a responsibility to pass on a secure, united and re-imagined nation to future generations. As I stand here, there are brave Kenyans in uniform who echo the youthful valour and patriotism of our Founding Fathers. With skill and tireless determination, these young heroes are fighting a cruel enemy who is burning cities and countries across the globe.

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Achieving success in magazine publishing: The story of Couture Africa

PwC’s latest Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2016-2020 report values Kenya’s entertainment and media industry at US$2.2bn in 2015. Total consumer magazine revenue is expected to reach $79m by 2020, up from $68m in 2016, driven by the growing middle class as they refer to magazines for information on various topicsDespite these somewhat encouraging numbers, Kenyan businesswoman Olive Gachara knows all too well that building a media business from scratch is no mean feat. She is the founder of fashion and lifestyle magazine Couture Africa, which is currently in its fourth year of operation. The publication has a monthly print run of 16,000, with 70% of copies distributed in Kenya, and 20% and 10% in Uganda and Tanzania respectively. An issue retails for about $3.

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Hotel real estate assets are catching the eye of African pension funds

African pension funds are beginning to show more interest in investing in hotel real estate, according to Andrew McLachlan, senior vice president of business development for Africa and the Indian Ocean at Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. McLachlan says the hotel operator – which owns the brands Radisson Blu and Park Inn and has a presence in 29 countries on the continent has been talking with pension funds in a handful of African markets that are looking at acquiring hotel properties. These schemes are more interested in purchasing existing hotels that are already up and running, rather than constructing their own from scratch.

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Always Keep Your Mind Open And Ready To Learn

The GE Reports Africa blog has launched a new series known as “A Day in the Life Of” which profiles GE SSA’s unsung heroes, highlighting their contribution at GE. There’s nothing like a hike in a forest where the mobile network coverage is low and you’re forced to switch off from your emails and social media. Catherine Mutonyi, the Commercial Operational Leader for SSA based in the Transportation division of GE Kenya has discovered that hiking and being in nature is the best way to destress. “My husband and I love  hiking, so we’re usually outside during the weekend, just enjoying nature. It’s a true pleasure. Sometimes, we’ll just go to the park and do a nice long walk with our two dogs. At other times, we get out of town and this forces us to wind down even more because the signal strength might not be that great where we’re hiking,” said Catherine.

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