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European Investors in Gambia to Explore Business Opportunities

A consortium of European investors, who are on a weeklong visit in The Gambia held discussions with the officials of the Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, Ministry of Local Government and Lands, and as well the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture for a possible investment in the country. The high-powered delegation, which comprises investors from Norway, Bulgaria and Spain, were well received at the places visited, something that symbolises the openness of the country to investors.

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Talking Business: Unpacking The Gambia’s investment opportunities

How we made it in Africa speaks to Gilbert Gomis, country manager of DHL Express in The Gambia, about the country’s economic prospects and business opportunities.

Describe your outlook for The Gambia’s economy over the coming five years.

The outlook for The Gambia’s economy is optimistic, with a recovery in agriculture and gains in tourism expected to support GDP growth. Real GDP is anticipated to grow by an average of about 5% from 2017 to 2021. With a new government in power since January 2017, improvements are expected in human rights and the rule of law. This has resulted in pledges of support from the international community and assistance has started coming in. Investors have also started to exploit opportunities.

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Gambian President Adama Barrow: 2017 Inaugural Speech

18 February 2017

Fellow Gambians,

May I begin by thanking Allah for making me the 3rd President of this great country through the support of the Gambian people.  I seek guidance and blessing for me and my cabinet to have the strength and wisdom to serve our beloved nation to higher heights. I would like to first of all welcome the distinguished heads of states and international guests who are here to share this joyous occasion with us. Today is symbolic because of two important developments in the history of our dear motherland. It was on this day that The Gambia was declared Independent. I was just three days old. Now I am the President of the Republic of The Gambia after 52 years of nationhood. Few people would have thought that I will be addressing the nation today.

I would like to thank the Gambian electorates for their astuteness.  They exercised their civic rights in a peaceful and non-violent manner during the campaign, on election day as well as after the elections.  I will not do justice without recognizing and expressing my sincere appreciation to the Gambian Diaspora.  They spent time and resources to support my candidacy through the social media.  They encouraged family members and friends to vote for me.  This is a victory for democracy.  It is a victory belonging to all Gambians. It is the decision of Gambians to change a Government which has entrenched itself through the ballot box.   That has made it possible for us to gather here today.

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