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The Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Mr Amadou Sanneh yesterday signed a 5 Million dollars project with the African Development Bank (ADB) which is meant for institutional reforms of Government Institutions. Speaking at the signing ceremony, the minister said the new Cabinet members and their technicians are working hard to finalize and align their vision as contained in Coalition 2016 Election Manifesto with the new National Development Plan which seeks to transform the economy of the Gambia into a middle income economy.

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Mr Amadou Sanneh mentioned that the signing ceremony of this 5million Dollar Project is for Institutional Reform of Government Institutions and Portfolio Country performance review 2017 to access ADB funded projects in The Gambia. The signing ceremony was held on Wednesday 10th May, 2017 at Kairaba Beach Hotel, attended by senior project coordinators.

The 2017 Country Portfolio Performance Review is an important exercise, as it creates a forum where both the Government of The Gambia and the African Development Bank (ADB) review the implementation progress of projects and programmes.

"The ADB portfolio consists of eight projects found in sectors like Agriculture, Water Resources, Institutional support and Transport. African Development Bank performance in the Agricultural sector is particularly commendable and would go a long way to address the issues of food insecurity. It would undoubtedly also help to solve the problems of water and sanitation issues," the finance minister noted.

The Finance Minister added that, The ADB portfolio for The Gambia was rated 2.57 out of 3 in 2014 compared to 2.56 in 2013.These performances were highly recognized by Government and would continue to give the requisite support for a higher rating in subsequent years.

Madam Marie Laure Akin Olugbade the deputy Director General African Developmental Bank for her part said the funded projects by the ADB, is to regulate the institutional reforms of all ministries. The Deputy Director General of ADB added that as the government of the Gambia is a new government it needs much financial assistance in order to overcome some of its challenges that it is facing as at now.

"The object of this project is to look at all the sectors ranging from agriculture to other sectors. It is meant to look at the least farmer's problems and how to resolve them," she noted. She added that the ADB is ready to partner with the new government of The Gambia and come to their aid whenever the need arises, as this is not the first time they are granting such assistance to the Gambia government.

Source: All Africa