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Minerals Offer Opportunities

Government views the mineral sector as an opportunity for economic growth and diversification. Delivering State-of-the-Nation Address in Parliament on Monday (December 5), President Lt Gen. Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama said economic diversification could be undertaken through promotion of further beneficiation projects as well as expansion of new non-traditional mining operations. He said there were positive developments in the energy minerals sub-sector, including issuance of a mining license to A-Cap Resources for uranium near Serule, while African Energy intended to mine coal and generate power at Sese. He also said investor confidence had increased in the diamond industry after market demand for rough diamonds improved slightly this year. "Carat sales and revenue for this year are forecast to be 65 per cent and 27 per cent respectively above 2015 as a result of improved global demand," President Khama said.

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Young Entrepreneur Wants to Conquer Business World

A young entrepreneur, Mr Oreeditse Gasebatho, is eager to conqueror the business world. Despite failing his tertiary education, Mr Gasebatho did not despair and never regarded himself as a failure. He rather viewed the catastrophe as a blessing in disguise, therefore he took the opportunity to turn himself into a renowned young business man. This saw the beginning of his enterprise, Godwin Firm, a marketing and consultancy company. Narrating events that led to the start of his business, the 24-year-old said after completing his high school education, he did not contemplate pursuing his business ideas. But his parents had already sketched a life plan for him, get a college degree then find a job. This called on Mr Gasebatho to migrate to Gaborone to start on his parents dream at Ba Isago College.

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From cows to cars: Where this insurer sees potential in Africa

One of South Africa’s top insurers, Liberty Holdings, is looking to sub-Saharan Africa for future growth. According to its CEO of group arrangements, Sandile Hlophe, the penetration of short-term and life insurance is less than 5% across most of the region, compared to 14% in South Africa. “That is why we have this expansion strategy to increase our insurance footprint in as many countries in sub-Saharan Africa as possible. And it is really on the basis that insurance penetration across the continent is currently at a low level… Hence the business case around looking to expand and having more insurance operations across the rest of the continent,” he told How we made it in Africa. 

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