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Africa’s need to find innovative and sustainable solutions to waste management and energy generation is growing, and for Louise Bijleveld, co-founder of LONO, that challenge provided the inspiration for a game-changing business.

What does your company do?

LONO is a clean technology start-up providing products and services for waste-to-energy. We have developed a product for households and SMEs called KubeKo. KubeKo is a solar powered bin that converts organic waste into fertilizer or biogas. For agro and food industries, we provide consulting services to advise on the most viable technology option to generate electricity from the waste available.

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What inspired you to start your company?

In 2010, I moved to South Africa for my studies where I met Noël, the second co-founder of LONO and now my husband as well. Looking back, this is where the idea of LONO was born. The combination of his engineering background and my studies in international development led our conversations to the field of agriculture and clean energy in Côte d'Ivoire. However, I felt like I needed more time and experience before starting something of my own, and so I moved back to the Netherlands to work for the national government for several years. My jobs were in the field of development cooperation and here, my belief in development through value creation was strengthened. I wanted to start something that would create value on its own and in 2016 I decided that it was the right time to make the big change.

Source: Lionesses of Africa