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The world of building and construction is a tough one to break into, but one entrepreneur in Botswana is doing just that. Laurettah Sibanda, founder of Atlantis Construction Group and Developments (Pty) Ltd, is building a reputation for quality project delivery and a great approach to service. 

What does your company do?

Atlantis Construction Group & Developments is a full service building contracting company offering services from architecture, residential and commercial building and construction, renovations and maintenance. In addition to general construction, the company is also involved in real estate development with a particular focus on residential developments.

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What inspired you to start your company?

The idea to start the company came about while I was working as a candidate attorney and needed to supplement my income. I had played around with some business ideas but I couldn't find anything that interested me enough to pursue. One day my cousin who is a self employed building contractor came by to visit and was discussing how there was a great demand for building contractors in town and I saw this as an opportunity to make extra money.

Why should anyone use your service or product?

Through our highly qualified professionals, we are fully invested and committed to providing professional and quality craftsmanship to each of our clients. Every client is treated like they are our first and only client and we are with them through every step of the construction process. We ensure that each project is completed on time and that the quality of work is consistent and of the highest standard. We have highly qualified project managers who act as the client’s very own assistant in the building process, from start to finish.

Tell us a little about your team

The Atlantis Construction Group & Developments team consists of 8 permanent employees who ensure that all four branches are fully operational and run smoothly. We also employ around 60 employees on a project to project basis. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals who take pride in their work and have been in the construction industry for several years. Each member of our team is vetted to ensure that their principles and standards are on par with those of the company. Although they work on a project to project basis, there is a common understanding of the quality of work that is expected of them.

Source: Lionesses Of Africa