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Botswana is keen in investing in technology to ensure optimal utilisation for the people of the country said Vice President Mr Mokgweetsi Masisi. In order to achieve this goal the NDP 11 had indicated strategy and initiatives to further increase investment and research activities towards the economy of the country. For a high performing economy the Vice president of NDP 11 said research is of vital importance. So exploitation and understanding are the key to further this revolution of technology.  Mr Masisi said he expects materials to increase directly or indirectly till 2030. He also said the AMRS had been created for Africans living in the continent and abroad to focus on the field of science and technology.

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Dr Alfred Madigele Minister of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology in Botswana acknowledged that the conference held was to encourage policies and support research development to advance its materials development in Botswana and countries in Africa as strides to science and technological research and the development ecosystem. The platform also provides discussion on on how Africa as a whole can further  research and development in material science to contribute towards economic development.

 AMRS was created in the year 2000 to explore opportunities for collaboration between US and Africa. The framework for driving materials research in Africa. Botswana managed to host AMRS 2017 to further explore the possibilities in Material Development in technology. The event brought about 500 delegates from over 65 countries around the world.

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