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An Ombudsman Service for the banking sector is to be created soon in the National Reserve Bank (BNA)'s branch office in the central Huambo Province, with a view to assisting customers with presentation of complaints and suggestions about the service and functioning of commercial banks. The announcement was made last Saturday, in the central Huambo Province, by the governor of the National Reserve Bank (BNA), Walter Filipe, who explained that the Ombudsman Service for the banking sector will be an institution focused on the defence of consumers in the banking sector.

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"The intention of the National Reserve Bank of Angola is to make customers whose rights might be violated by a commercial bank present their complaints to the BNA, be it through a telephone call be it through the internet or in person, so that the problem can be resolved with the necessary speed", he clarified. Walter Filipe went on to say that the creation of the Ombudsman Service for the banking sector happens as a result of measures taken by the National Reserve Bank board, aimed at stimulating an improvement in the services provided by commercial banks.

He reiterated that the BNA is currently undergoing a restructuring process, with the implementation of a plan of adjusting the Angolan financial system in accordance with international norms and good practices, having into account the new challenges faced by families and the country's economy. In view of that, he said, the BNA has been implementing a programme of modernising its regional branches, so that those regional offices can, in turn, become more efficient and be up to the challenges faced by the National Reserve Bank, especially in terms of the supervision, prevention and fight against money laundering.

Source: All Africa