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The works of installation of the new international airport in Luanda, started in 2007, located in the commune of Bom Jesus, municipality of Icolo e Bengo, Luanda, were inspected, Monday, by the head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos. In a two-hour visit, the Head of State, after his arrival at the site was briefed on the generality of what has been done and what remains to complete, by the minister of Transport, Augusto da Silva Tomas and of Urbanisation and Housing, José da Silva and also by the representative of China International Fund Limited, responsible for the works.

The second part of the visit of José Eduardo dos Santos who was at the company of the Vice-President of the Republic, Manuel Vicente, was marked by the observation of the passenger terminal facilities in North and South airstrip of the undertaking, a journey he made by car. President Jose Eduardo dos Santos also checked the passenger terminal and the VIP, the latter with an independent board.
The new Luanda International Airport has a total area of about 75.5 square kilometers and its works should finish by 2017. The project will move around 15 million people per year. The Angolan Head of State in his fifth visit to this airport, as the first one was held at the time when he launched the foundation stone for construction of the same, was also accompanied by Government members, officials of the Government of Luanda Province among other entities.

Located at about 40 kilometers southeast of the city center (Luanda) in an area of 1,324 hectares, the new airport will have 31 sleeves and modern aeronautic equipment. It will have two double runways capable of landing the largest commercial aircraft in the world, the Airbus A380, among other supporting infrastructure that will be the support for handling 15 million passengers a year.

On the last visit (this year) the President took note of what has been implemented from 2004 to March 2015, with main emphasis on finishing the flight zones, terminals, traffic control and support facilities (complementary), the description of road and rail access from the center to the outskirts of Luanda International Airport, among others.

Angola as being a major international air corridor, well located from a strategic point of view, with related investments in aviation, port and rail shipping, with this airport there will be somehow created the conditions of basic infrastructure to revive the industry, agriculture, livestock, fisheries and other services.

Source: All Africa