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Not too long ago, Jerry Parkes, CEO of the west Africa-focused fund manager Injaro Investments, attended a conference in Burkina Faso. He was hoping to meet with the country’s minister of agriculture and, when he told another attendee this, was quickly provided with his mobile phone number. So Parkes sent the minister a text message introducing himself and asked if it was possible to meet with him over the next few days. “I got a text back in 10 minutes and had a meeting with him that same day,” recalled Parkes. “That was a pleasant surprise because in Ghana, my own country, I would not be able to get the same result.” This is just one of the benefits of investing in a market that has generally been overlooked by investors.

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Burkina Faso’s economy is favourable to trade, and the condition of its infrastructure is considered satisfactory. The mining sector attracts most of the investment, and exploration of new deposits is increasing. Some mineral deposits of gold and manganese have been discovered. New infrastructure projects are in discussion, following the success of the Bagré Reservoir, the projects are expected to stimulate new activities and attract more investment.


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